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Invisible Service, Boutique Hotel Now Taking Reservations – 03.09.17

Lokal, Philadelphia’s newest boutique hotel is now taking reservations for April 3rd, 2017 and beyond. Featuring six apartment style suites, Lokal will offer visitors the chance to experience the local Philadelphia lifestyle in a beautifully designed space that feels like home. Lokal, located in Old City, is making waves with its innovative invisible service, which will anticipate the needs of traveler and offer a highly curated and authentic Philly experience. With a focus on both high-end design and top of the line service, Lokal seeks to provide an alternative option to the discerning traveler.

New Hotel to Open in Old City – 01.25.17

Lokal, a 6-unit boutique hotel with a focus on invisible service, is coming to Old City. Featuring six, apartment-style suites, Lokal will offer guests an authentic Philadelphia experience and an escape that feels like home. The hotel will have no front desk. Instead, the team behind the project will anticipate needs and create a high level of behind-the-scenes service. In doing away with many of the trappings of a traditional hotel, Lokal seeks to provide a unique connection with the city without sacrificing the comfort and care travelers expect.

Main Contacts


Ethan Peck

Marketing Manager

Ethan is your main contact. He will get you what you need. He manages all things marketing, branding and PR for Lokal Hotel.

Chad Solo web

Chad Ludeman

Co-Founder - Creator

Chad is the co-founder or Stay Lokal as well as Postgreen Homes. He creates the vision and then builds it.


Courtney Ludeman

Co-Founder - Operator

Courtney is a co-founder and head of operations for Lokal Hotel. She will book your reservations, give you personal advice and make sure your room is stocked with everything you need.

Main Lokal Priorities

Invisible Service

We may not be on site, but we’re here for you. Curation and technology replace the front desk. From electronic access to iPads loaded with “room service apps” to web based music and TV, we’re going beyond the average hotel without needing to be in your space.

At Home Design

The midcentury meets industrial designed lofts make you feel like you’re at home, but a much better, calmer and less cluttered version of home. Our designers went the extra step to make your stay feel like no other hotel you’ve stayed at before.

Curated Guide Book

We’ve put a physical and electronic list of uber-curated recommendations for you to eat, drink, shop and experience culture and adventure like a local Philadelphian. These are recommendations from true locals and not sponsored.

Lokal Location

We locate our hotels in the heart of residential neighborhoods where larger hotels can not and are not allowed to fit. That makes you feel more like a lokal than a tourist during your stay.

Media FAQ's

What was the inspiration behind Lokal?

The inspiration for the Lokal concept came from how we like to travel. We want to stay in design-driven boutique hotels in the heart of residential neighborhoods and feel like we are staying like a local, rather than a tourist.

Why Invisible Service?

The concept of “Invisible Service” came not only from a necessity to make a tiny hotel function, but to enable guests to visit with just the right amount of interaction from us. Everything you will need is loaded into your rooms just like at home and we are a call or text away if you need additional service.

Why choose Old City for Lokal’s first location?

The Historic District of Old City is the perfect spot for our first location. It’s in the heart of the boutique shopping, gallery and cafe section of Old City where no other hotel can fit. You are literally living where the locals live during your stay with us.

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