Cape May Re-Opens June 1st

A Cape May Strong mural on the front steps of Lokal Hotel Cape May location by local artists Brian and Mike DeMusz with rainbows and hearts

The State of NJ and the City of Cape May are re-opening the shore hotels on June 1st. We are currently preparing to re-open our doors and actively taking bookings now for those comfortable to travel. Many precautions are being taken by our staff and the city as a whole to ensure visitor safety during this time. 

We understand that we are still living in turbulent times and many of us are still uncomfortable with travel. However, for those of us who are comfortable, we will be opening our doors June 1st, at 50% occupancy. We are taking extreme measures to insure the safety of our guests and community. Our staff will be checking temperatures, wearing masks and gloves, at all times when they are on-site. In addition, our brand of invisible service has afforded us and our guests a position of socially distant comfort.  From making a reservation, to checking in and checking out, the service will be completely contact less, as it always has been.

Cape May reopening FAQ?

We are opening our Cape location on June 1 st, with 50% occupancy (4 rooms). We will be moving to full occupancy starting June 19th.

Our A-Frame in Maurice River has and will be open as well. 

We opened our Philly locations on June 16th as well.

  1. We are using all CDC approved cleaning products and procedures.
  2. We will be taking a 2-step clean approach – cleaning first, then disinfecting. All visible dirt will be removed and cleaned from surfaces. Then we will disinfect according to manufacturer and CDC directions.
  3. High-touch surfaces will be given extra attention. Examples of high-touch surfaces include tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, handrails, light switches, remotes, wardrobe and cabinet handles, desks, toilets, sinks, bedside tables, and kitchen and bathroom surfaces.
  4. Any linens will be laundered on the highest heat setting
  5. Our cleaners will be wearing masks and gloves while cleaning
  6. Vacuum cleaner will be disinfected before coming into hotel. New HEPA filter and new vacuum bag will be used each time we clean.
  7. A UV Light Cleaning device similar to those used in hospitals will be used for at least 15 minutes during each turnover.
  8. Cleaning products as well as hand sanitizers will also be available to our guests. 

Yes, masks are mandatory in the common areas. Common areas will also be supplied with antibacterial wipes. 

We still want you to be able to pack light and feel safe so we’ve made some changes this summer. The communal games, toys and books have been removed from the rooms and common areas and replaced with the following items:

  1. A complimentary pack of playing cards
  2. A dedicated set of Beach Bocce for use on beach and the Lokal yard.
  3. A dedicated set of cornhole bags for use on site. 
  4. One comically small beach bucket and shovel for you to take home. We’ll double check the sizes of our custom branded beach toy orders better during the next Pandemic? 
  5. A dedicated paddleball set.
  6. An optional “Lokal Beach Book Club” that can be added to your room stay if you need something last minute to read. 

Yes. Beaches are fully open for sunbathing and swimming at social distanced spacing. It’s actually quite nice because nobody gets up in your business. For all the updates please visit 

Yes. Steger Beach Service will still be available. Chairs and umbrellas will be sanitized after each use. 

Yes, the restaurants are open for outdoor seating and most have greatly expanded their outdoor dining options. Take out and delivery are going strong and even to-go cocktails are being served at monay locations. Please visit for a complete and up to date list of open restaurants.

We would also like to point out that each room has a kitchen if you’re craving a home made meal or don’t feel like ordering food. 

Yes, the shops are open to limited capacity in the store at one time. Masks are required in all shops and restaurants when picking up items.

The pool will open for swimming on Monday, June 22nd and the pool area is open now for lounging, yard games and pool bocce which is the latest game the Ludeman boys have invented and it’s pretty fun.

Yes! We currently are working on a number of Lokal products for purchase or addition to your room stay. Those items that may be still in production during your stay can be shipped to your home. These sales are helpful to both our small business employees the the Lokal Makers and companies producing the goods for us during this challenging time. Items we are working on include t-shirts, hats, mugs, beach games, playing cards, temp tattoos, stickers, patches and more…

We completely understand if our guests have any hesitation. We ask that you reach out to us [email protected] so we can find a solution together. 

Yes it has. We changed our cancellation policy from 30 days before the reservation to 14 days. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected] or by clicking here.

For all current Cape May related updates please visit

Stay safe and enjoy your Summer!

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