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About Us

The Lokal Hotel

We like design. We like feeling at home. We like doing what the locals do when we travel. We don’t like to be bothered. But we do like curated, expert advice. We also like good coffee and nice towels, sheets and beds.

Lokal could by definition be your 'home away from home'! It was beautifully decorated and stocked with everything you could possibly need. I was so impressed with all of the details! There was even soy milk in the fridge because I mentioned that was how I take my coffee. I really appreciated the cocktail list, the loaded iPad and how everything in the suite was sourced locally. It could not have been a better experience! I can't imagine staying anywhere else.
Anon 9

Our Story

As a husband and wife team, we have always loved to travel. But as design-centric people, it is always a disappointment to arrive at our destination and find a hotel with the same beige walls and maroon paisley bedspread. It makes us want to tweet #SAD!

So we decided to create a place where we would love to stay. We wanted a place that allowed our guests to experience the real Philadelphia, the Philly we know and love. And so we created Lokal – a design driven hotel that is highly curated to the local Philadelphian experience. Because everyone should be allowed to vacation in an environment that makes them feel happy. And everyone should love Philly as much as we do.

I want to live here forever and ever. It's amazing.
Anon 10
I loved the self-serve nature of the place. It felt so like home and let me be a responsible adult who checks myself in. But honestly the place was so cozy, beautifully appointed and exceeded my needs.
Sarah C.
Sarah C 1
Guest, Louisa

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