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These are the talented folks that designed our building and our brand. They are integral bringing this concept to life.

Jersey Ice Cream Co.

Jersey Ice Cream Co. topped our wishlist of local designers long before we even found the first building. We knew we wanted to bring back the feel of the historic district, so their plaster walls were a big draw. Their furnishing style is warm and minimalist at the same time which is harder than it seems to do. These guys went above and beyond to make our first location feel better than we ever imagined it would.

True Hand Society

True Hand Society was an easy choice to help breathe some life into this new brand. Their hand sketched, vintage style was just what we were looking for. These guys are so versatile, they made sourcing key materials a breeze and even hand painted our exterior sign. They also happen to be the nicest group of designers we’ve ever met who truly love working together and helping others. We are indebted to their unassuming genius.

Local Consumables

These are the local small businesses that are providing the coffees, teas, soaps and bar goods in our rooms. We’ve made an effort to always keep these vendors local to each of our locations while providing a high quality product and a good company mission.

Art in the Age

We are lucky to have these guys practically across the street from us and stocked with anything and everything you could dream of for your bar. AITA helps us refresh our in room cocktail menu regularly to keep the cocktail ideas fresh and seasonal. Pop on over to grab some ingredients and you can play your own bartender back in the comfort of our rooms.

duross & langel

Steve and Sarah create and manufacture their fun and sustainable line of spa and skin care products right in the heart of Philly. Beer shampoo and Black Pepper shower gel? Yes please. You’ll love them in our hotel and you’ll love these two even more in person if you venture out to their store on 13th Street.

Steap and Grind

Steps from our Fishtown location, Steap and Grind keeps our rooms stocked with four types of fresh, loose leaf teas. Visit their store for dozens of options and all the advice and gear you need to brew the perfect pot of tea at home.

Rival Bros. Coffee Roasters

Rival Bros. Coffee Roasters came together when two friends, a chef and a roaster, aimed to bring high-quality drip coffee and espresso to Philadelphia. You won’t have to venture far to get a taste of their daily-roasted beans – we’ve brought it to Lokal for your convenience.

Philly Makers

These folks are local friends that made custom furnishings for us. We like to keep it as lokal as possible.

Craftwork Home

We’ve watched Jayme of Craftwork build all sorts of beautiful things out of his Kensington shop from reclaimed cutting boards, to custom furniture for local cafes to amazing custom concrete countertops. When Jersey Ice Cream called for custom concrete vanities for our baths and countertops for the kitchens, we knew just who to call. Craftwork crushed it and we can’t wait to find something new to have them build us out of concrete!

Provenance Architecturals

Provenance Architecturals has been a staple in Philly for years providing discerning restaurateurs and home owners with reclaimed architectural salvage materials from all over the country. We were fortunate enough to get all of our wide plank white oak flooring from them as well as some amazing steel warehouse windows that serve as internal room dividers. The service from these guys is as good as the product!

Peg and Awl

Peg and Awl is a family operation located a few neighborhoods north of Old City in Philadelphia. They are a talented bunch that works with wood, fabric, paper and everything in between. They prefer old school methods of making things and worked with reclaimed materials as much as possible.

Vestige Home

Vestige Home is brother and sister team that covers everything from interior design to home and kitchen products made by their own hands. They were kind enough to customize some ladder hooks for our rooms without traditional closets that added a unique design touch while solving a functional problem.

Mid-Century Modern Warehouse

Located in South Kensington, these guys open up their massive warehouse of original and reproduction vintage furnishings. Want an old chair with a custom wood finish and a specific fabric? They’ll hook you up.

Petit Jardin en Ville

This French husband and wife operation may be across the street from our Old City location, but they would be worth a trip even if not for their tastes in Parisian Flourist and Garden designs.

South Philly Barn

Utilizing materials from local sources, the Lokal nightstands and dining tables created by South Philly Barn have an industrial and rustic feel. We dig their high quality/affordable price mindset. The custom wood company’s style and aesthetic focuses on quality craftsmanship, sleek design, and functionality, perfect for all our guests’ needs.

Philadelphia Woodcraft Company

Joe of Philadelphia Woodcraft is one of the kindest woodworkers you’ll find in Philly. His shop specializes in custom and reclaimed woodworking. He moves fast and is not afraid of deadlines. He thinks outside the box and always provides great service to make sure you walk away satisfied and with a one of a kind piece of furniture.

Felt + Fat

The Kensington-based design studio specializes in handmade porcelain items, made in-house. They’ve collaborated with a number of local restaurants, including High Street on Market, Fork, Martha and more to bring their custom dinnerware to the masses. When you’re brewing a cup of coffee or sipping your tea at Lokal, thank FELT + FAT.

linen & spoon

When looking for handcrafted kitchen linens and accessories, it’s hard to ignore the simple, yet utility, designs of linen & spoon. You’ll find it hard to resist serving local cheeses and charcuterie from Di Bruno Bros. on hand-carved wooden cutting boards.

USA Makers

These are small shops making quality products right here in the US of A.

Triple Seven Home

Triple Seven Home is a husband and wife team off the East Coast of Florida that Jersey Ice Cream Co specced for many of our non-lacquered brass sconces. A husband and wife team working together to make great products? Yes, please. We are so pleased with every fixture from these guys and it’s clear they put a lot of care into all of the design details, right down to the way they throw beautiful, warm light throughout a room.

River City Leather

Introduced to us by True Hand Society, these guys took our in room guide books to the next level with custom 3-ring, leather binders. Located in Ohio, this small company can handle your leather goods needs large and small.

Pepe & Carols

This Pittsburgh-based husband and wife team are responsible for crafting lighting and home accessories by hand. Their bathroom towel bars, drawer pulls and knobs add a sleek pop of color to the fresh palate in the washrooms and kitchen. Because even the details should be noteworthy.

Long Made Co.

Without Long Made Co.’s industrial lighting fixtures, our rooms would be left in the dark. Using warm finishes like raw brass, polished nickel, raw steel, blackened brass or steel, raw copper and aluminum, their handcrafted, custom designs serve both style and function.

One Forty Three

What originally began as a home renovation project blog now is a small business that offers wood, steel and brass-detailed lamps, furniture and home and office accessories. The last light you see before you shut your eyes comes from their brass bedside lamps.

Hedge House Furniture

The way we see it, bed frames shouldn’t be an eyesore. That’s why Hedge House Furniture’s frames work so well at Lokal: they’re charming, look like home, and fit in seamlessly with the overall minimalist design.

National Brands

These are the bigger guys and direct to consumer shops selected for their quality, value and design.


Article was a clear choice for our team when looking for quality furniture that had a warm and modern feel that could compliment the vintage pieces chosen by Jersey Ice Cream Co. The leather Sven couch is a fan favorite and we’ve chosen a number of other pieces as well. We wanted a design driven furniture company that sold direct to consumers involved so guests could have a piece they were inspired by shipped right to their home in a matter of weeks. Article made that happen in style!

Parachute Home

The last thing you should think about before falling asleep each night should be itchy sheets. The folks at Parachute make bedding, towels, and robes that are free of synthetics and chemicals, which means you’ll feel good about wrapping yourself up in them, too.


To truly stay like a local, it’s important that you sleep like one. Casper’s one-size-fits-all mattress provides support where you need it while also having some cush. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Kassatex New York

Kassatex knows what they’re doing when it comes to quality bed and bath products. From their throw blankets in a variety of materials, like alpaca and cashmere, to their towels and bath mats, it’s all about high-quality elements and clean aesthetics.

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