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We had a design dilemma with our first experiment into the vacation rental home market – how to furnish an entire home without a designer and zero time. Enter Article to the rescue for our Lokal A-Frame project. We decided to design and renovate a dilapidated A-Frame home 50 minutes outside of Philadelphia on our own as an experiment to see if there was demand for a high-design getaway within an hour of Philadelphia. One of the challenges with doing all the work ourselves was putting the furnishings together in a cohesive way that did not sacrifice tornadocash.online on quality while we were spending 10 – 12+ hours a day renovating the home. Article entered with their deep selection of modern furnishings at a great value to solve this design dilemma for us.

lokal aframe living room article loft furniture modern
Lokal A-Frame Living Room from Loft furnished by Article / shot by Heidi’s Bridge

With our first location in Philadelphia, we had a full interior design team, a larger budget and a lot of time to plan. The challenge with the A-Frame was that we had none of those things. We were camped outside of it 4 weeks after deciding to buy it with no outside design team to help, a much smaller budget and no time to shop for furnishings as we were living on site with our tool belts on full time.

Article had been a go to in Lokal’s first project as well, fulfilling the designer’s need for mid-century inspired leather couches and a few marble dining and coffee tables so our brands were no strangers to each other. The Lokal team gained a lot of respect for Article during the first go around, especially after their designers quickly singled out Article as the best option in bitcoinvanityaddress.com terms of quality and design from the growing number of online direct to consumer furniture brands. The rave reviews over the leather Sven couch by Article in a few of the rooms helped solidify Lokal’s confidence in their product to use them again.

Aframe living room view glass windows woods
View from A-Frame Living Room by Heidi’s Bridge

While we didn’t have as much furnishings budget on the A-Frame project compared to the first hotel, we couldn’t sacrifice on either design or quality in this project. It was Article’s value in both design and quality coupled with their ability to quickly deliver what we needed on such a short time frame that made this collaboration a natural choice.

The primary furnishing needs for the A-Frame were within the main living room and outside on all of the three decks in the home. The living room is the focal point of the interiors with a double height space and glass stretching to the ceiling. It faces the front of the house with trees and the occasional bald eagle in view. This room had to be spot on for guests as it was the first room they would see and the one they would spend the most time in.

aframe cabin living room article modern furniture plywood
Lokal A-Frame Living Room furnished by Article / shot by Heidi’s Bridge

Article worked with our Lokal team to settle on a layout with a sectional sofa anchoring the room and facing the giant wall of glass. Two chairs would offer flexibility for the rest of the seating over a rug and some end tables. We quickly zeroed in on the Nirvana Dakota Tan Corner Sectional as Chad had been obsessing over it for his own office for about 2 years. Article confirmed it was a great fit for a cabin and the leather cushions are larger and softer than some of the other options. Basically it’s the perfect couch to sink into and let the views shed away your stress. Now guests can be found fighting over the coveted corner spot in the sectional while they prep for a Netflix & Chill session.

The area rug was chosen next and our group quickly honed in on the Taza Rug with it’s diamond pattern that Lokal felt referenced the angles in the A-Frame. The rug is made with New Zealand wool in a long pile and is the perfect cosy spot both underfeat and if you lose the battle for the corner of the Nirvana sectional.

Aframe plywood living room windows article
Lokal A-Frame Article Living Room by Rosie Simmons

Next came the lounge chairs in the selection process. Our Lokal team was enamored with the Thetis Charme Leather Chair and wanted to buy all three colors. In the end though, the team thought it best not to have competing leathers in the same room and happily agreed that the Forma Lounge Chair in Gray was the best fit. It was just the right size and easily moveable with a durable and neutral fabric that would let the Nirvana Sectional reign supreme in the room.

Lastly, our team needed to select side tables and a floor lamp. The A-Frame interiors were designed with a Scandinavian Modern vibe that included a lot of black and white and light colored wood. That design trend along with a need for the furniture to be versatile and easy to move lead us to select the Pro Graphite Side Table. The black frame and light teak wood matched perfectly with the rest of the interiors. It was the handle on top and the ability to use this table inside or out that sold us on this choice since we could envision some furniture being moved around depending on guests’ needs during their stay. Finally, a Barbell Floor Lamp in Gunmetal, was a last minute addition to the room. Chad, who can become obsessive about perfect lighting and ambiance, thought it would be a good addition to the living room as he has spec’ed fairly low powered ceiling lights pointed indirectly at the steeped A-Frame walls. The unique Barbell lamp would point up at the ceiling and wash them with light near the coveted corner of the sectional, providing additional task lighting for reading and board games in the living room.

Aframe deck balcony fall railing furniture article
Lokal A-Frame deck – furniture by Article / photo by @BittersweetColours

This getaway cabin is just as much about being enveloped in the outdoors as much as it is the indoor environment. The house is in a secluded rural road and situated on a 2.5 acre wooded lot. We re-built the existing decks on the home in front and back and constructed a new, huge deck off the back of the house. We wanted to strategically place outdoor furniture that would be flexible and allow people to move it around easily to wherever they were congregating.

The first choice made was more Pro Side Tables! These tables were so light and with the built in handle on top, everyone agreed they were a great fit for being moved around easily and often by A-Frame guests. In the end, we placed these on the main rear deck, on the upstairs bedroom’s rear deck and the living room side table could easily be brought out to the front deck for morning coffee. For the seating, Article recommended both the Luna Lounge Chair and the Malou Dining Chair for our outdoor areas. Both are made out of rattan, but in more modern styles than we are used to from the 50’s and 60’s. They checked off all the boxes for us – warm, modern, light and comfortable. We all liked that they were so comfortable, that they could be brought inside if overflow seating for movie night was needed.

A-Frame deck article solo stove bonfire fall outdoor furniture
Lokal A-Frame Deck hang – furniture by Article / photo by Matt Steindl

While the process of buying furnishings online, site unseen, can seem daunting at times, we were really pleased with how easy the process was. It solved one of our biggest hurdles in furnishing the A-Frame project in that we had no time to go out and hunt for deals or finds or even just head into town for a day shopping at traditional stores. We’ve come to understand and trust Article’s value and quality, so it really came down to choosing the best items for our needs. The detailed dimensions, descriptions and pictures on their site really make the process easier and when we were done, we had a sigh of relief and got right back to work on our two pallets of plywood that went into this place. Hit us up for any questions you have on Article furnishings or anything else on the A-Frame.

Aframe deck furniture firewood denim boots
Lokal A-Frame Front Deck – Furniture by Article / shot by Stacey Salter Moore for Franklin & Poe

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