Lokal Mixtape No. 1: Selected by Joey Sweeney

“For the last few years — ever since I moved back downtown, really — I’ve been thinking of Philly in the 70s and 80s, during one of its first wild and wooly stabs at reinvention in the modern era. There’s something about the music that came out of post-60s Philly that had something open and omnivorous to it, and you can feel it here again over the last decade or so. Right now, you can feel Philly musicians stretching for it, maybe even as if to be heard above the city’s latent late capitalism blues. In any case, to me, these tracks, new and old, want to speak to one another. The mix is made up of current and old faves, as well as stuff that came up from deep digging. Enjoy it in good health, and may the Mt. Airy Groove stretch on to wherever you may be listening.”

Joey Sweeney is a writer and musician from Philadelphia, PA. His latest record is called Catholic School. We intend to create more of these as part of a #LokalMixtape series inspired by stays or the music scene at each of our locations in the future. Stay tuned for more and leave suggestions in the comments. 

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