• Cape May is Open

    Reduced rates for the Summer of 2020 are in effect now.

  • Old City is Now Open

    Philadelphia has opened outdoor dining so we have opened up our Philly locations for those comfortable and looking for a getaway right now.

  • Fishtown is Now Open

    The Fishtown Restaurants and shops are now open for outdoor dining at limited capacity for those seeking a getaway.

  • Our A-Frame Cabin is Available for Booking Now.

    We have removed books and games and blankets in the common areas and are adhering to increased CDC regulated cleaning practices for your safety.

The Lokal Hotel

Lokal is Philadelphia’s first “invisible service” boutique hotel brand, powered by friendly locals and featuring unparalleled design and comfort.

I honestly loved everything. Everything in the room was very accommodating, from the coffee to the iPad, etc. My favorite part was sitting in the velvet chair in Ben. There was a lot of love and attention to detail and it shows. I definitely felt at home.
Guest, Ben

A Different Type of Boutique Hotel

Lokal is a bespoke hotel group with a focus on invisible service in and around Philadelphia. Lokal has four locations – two Philly apartment hotels in historic Old City and the hip neighborhood of Fishtown,  a modernized A-Frame vacation cabin 50 minutes outside of Philly and a Micro-Resort in Cape May, NJ.

Lokal cuts to the chase of what and how you want to be doing when you check in to a new place in a new town. Best of all, we make it simple, from our easy online booking and self check-in to crafted recommendations. Lokal seeks to provide a unique connection each area without sacrificing the comfort and care travelers expect.

Lokal Hotel – Old City

Lokal Hotel – Fishtown

Lokal A-Frame Cabin

Lokal Hotel – Cape May

Lokal fishtown was absolute perfection! I barely wanted to leave our hotel room!! everything is so aesthetically pleasing and thought through. the coziest place ever!!! the invisible service could seem different at first, but they just one call away and there exactly when you need them! I will be ranting about this place forever!!!!
Maria Layton
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This was the most incredible trip in all of our 17 years visiting Cape May. The accommodations were just perfect and thoughtfully appointed, the hosts were kind, super prompt in getting back to us, and so hospitable, and the saltwater pool was simply divine. We have already booked our next stay. We love you, Stay Lokal Cape May.
Erica Delaney
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This hotel is my style. Clean, bright and extremely comfortable. My husband and I highly recommend for anyone who just needs a night out, wedding parties (salon right next door), or extended stay. We found our new stay in the city.
Mandy Q.
Guest, Will


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