The Lokal Team

Lokal is a family run company. We don’t like the word employee too much. We prefer team or family member. Welcome to the Lokal family… 

We try to work smarter, not harder. We treat each other with respect and love. We value and need our time off. We love our guests, but we don’t let them abuse us. We encourage our team members to seek new training and continually improve themselves. We encourage team members to be independent and experiment and fail and fail better next time. We are forging a new path together and figuring this out as we go. 

Team Openings

Position Type: Part Time (On Call)

Availability: Immediate

Team Member Overview

Our locations have no front desks or permanent onsite staff. For this reason our remote support is that much more important to our guests via text, phone and email. We currently have limited staff which must both work a full work week from 9-5 and be “on-call” every night and all weekend long. This position is a part time, work from home, on-call only job that will take stress off of our current staff while improving our after hours guest services. All of the duties can be done via a smartphone from anywhere with no computer needed. The applicant must be in the Philly area so that occasional visits to the Philadelphia hotel locations can be made. The calls received are a mix of people looking to book new dates, change existing reservations or questions from current guests in the hotels. This is a growth position that could turn into a full-time position as the Lokal Hotel group grows.


  • Answer calls and text messages quickly during on-call hours
  • Responsible for creating a positive and professional impression
  • Look up availability and schedule new bookings over the phone
  • Provide guest services via the phone for current guests like parking instructions and dinner recommendations
  • Provide troubleshooting over the phone to common issues guests have during their stay
  • Learn the cleaning and staging procedures of the hotels 
  • Occasionally cover the day time shifts of the full time manager during their vacation time
  • Occasionally visit the hotels for guest issues that can not be resolved over the phone (this rarely happens)


  • High School Education or greater
  •  Smart phone
  • Past experience in hospitality or customer service is a plus
  • A hard working perfectionist with exceptional organizational skills
  • A willingness and enthusiasm to ensure our guests have an amazing experience
  • A consummate team player who maintains a positive attitude and a smile on your face regardless of the situation
  • Strong communication skills, including the ability to identify and convey critical information to management quickly and precisely
  • Ability to get to our Philadelphia locations within 15 minutes if needed

Schedule & Compensation:

  • On Call Wednesday – Friday from 5PM – 10PM and Saturday – Sunday from 9AM – 9PM
  • 10 vacation/personal days a year
  • $300+ per week depending on experience
  • Occasional free stays at our hotels to get more familiar with them
  • Reports directly to owner
  • Training and advancement opportunities with exemplary performance
  • No benefits

How to Apply to the Lokal Team

Please email [email protected] a resume and a cover letter or description of why you’d like to join the Lokal team and why you think you would be a good fit. Please be specific. 


Position Type: Full Time (Flexible Hours)

Availability: Q4 2021

Team Member Overview

At Lokal Hotel we strive to provide excellent online content that goes above and beyond even what much larger brands are doing. We post content that is helpful to current and future guests, supports our #lokalmaker partners and promotes social justice issues we are passionate about. Currently our co-owner handles all content marketing in his spare time and needs help from a passionate marketing professional looking to grow with our company. This team member will take over all social media marketing as well as content creation for the website and email marketing. This is a very important position in our company and will report directly to our owner who will provide training and growth opportunities directly. This position is not for a professional photog nor does it need to come with tons of experience. A willingness to experiment, fail, grow and learn new things is the most important aspect of this position.


  • Create and post content regularly to social media channels including Instagram and Facebook
  • Create and maintain a content calendar
  • Manage all DM’s and respond to all comments on social channels
  • Create content for the website regularly including local guides for our guests
  • Create and manage our email marketing campaigns
  • Assist in editing basic videos for our YouTube channel
  • Run digital ad campaigns if qualified (not mandatory)


  • A 2-4 year college degree 
  • Past experience in social media and/or content marketing
  • Basic photo and video editing skills in a program like Canva, Adobe Spark, iMovie, Adobe Premiere Rush…
  • An ability to take a decent photo and video via a smartphone
  • Excellent organizational and scheduling skills
  • Excellent verbal skills and creativity in content creation
  • An ability to work independently and experiment with new ideas without fear of failure
  • A willingness and desire to grow and learn new marketing skills
  • A drivers license and car with the ability to periodically travel to locations within 4.5 hours from Philadelphia
  • BONUS: Elevated photography, photo editing and/or video editing skills
  • BONUS: Digital advertising experience with Google Ads, Facebook or Instagram
  • BONUS: Website design and editing experience with WordPress and/or Squarespace
  • BONUS: Advanced email marketing campaign experience including scheduling and triggered email responses

Schedule & Compensation:

  • This is a full time position with flexible hours due to the need to be on social channels all day. A strict 9-5 workday is not expected.
  • This is a remote job but must be close enough to our locations to visit them regularly. Assume one trip a week to create content at one or more of the locations.
  • Starting salary is $32,500 per year but higher salary will be considered for those with BONUS qualifications and/or more experience than listed above.
  • Health Benefits will be provided
  • 20 days of vacation / personal days per year
  • Regular complementary stays at our hotels to create content
  • Random company gatherings, perks and events
  • 3rd Party training in growth skills related to the job as desired
  • Reporting directly to owner

How to Apply to the Lokal Team

Please email [email protected] a resume and a cover letter or description of why you’d like to join the Lokal team and why you think you would be a good fit. Please be specific. Please also list your personal social accounts and any past social accounts and/or websites you have done content marketing for in the past. Any creative writing, photography or video content submissions are encouraged as well.


Lokal Hotel is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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