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Additional Interior Photos – Heidi’s Bridge

For those who missed our Grand Opening Party or who haven’t booked a room yet, We are excited to reveal the second round of photos from Heidi’s Bridge! (Click here if you missed the photos from Betsy and Billy!)

Article Highlight via Domino: A Philadelphia Hotel Where the Staff Is  Unseen, but not Unnoticed

Click here to download our most recent press release.

Photo’s from our Will Suite (follow Will [Smith] on social media at #WillAtLokal):

Photo’s from our Tina Suite (follow Tina [Fey] on social media at #TinaAtLokal):

Photo’s from our Ben Suite (follow Ben [Franklin] on social media at #BenAtLokal):

Photo’s from our Louisa Suite (follow Louisa [May Alcott] on social media at #LouisaAtLokal):

And who isn’t curious about the bathrooms of Lokal? (Who knows – maybe the #BathroomsAtLokal hashtag will start to trend, I’d bookmark that link!):

And of course, the Coffee (Although we recommend you heading straight to Rival Bro’s Instagram page if you’re looking for some more black juice inspiration):

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