Bittersweet Colours – Mornings At The Lokal Hotel

Veronica Popoaicu, a freelance artist and fashion and lifestyle blogger at Bittersweet Colours, decided to come stay at Lokal and capture some of her passion in our Will suite (Book the Will suite now!).

Our hotel room, “Will”, is a very spacious loft, completely equipped, where artistry meets comfortable, and the charming location embraces the modern finishes in all the design decor. In one short sentence: Home away from home! – Veronica P., Bittersweet Colours

Check our some of her photos from her shoot below and over on her blog: Mornings At The Lokal Hotel (also go follow her on Instagram (@BittersweetColours)- she has a great feed).

In related news, Emma F-C, the brains behind Philly-famous “Philly Love Notes” recently started a bi-weekly email featuring “cool accounts, articles, nonprofits, projects, links, events, photos, etc.” – all about Philadelphia. Veronica (@BittersweetColours) was one of her suggested followers in newsletter #2! Sign up here, you won’t be disappointed:

*All photos provided by Veronica Popoaicu and photographed by Bogdan.

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